Benefits of Joining the Illinois CCA Network

1) Reduced service costs:
A cost-sharing approach combined with a non-profit fee structure will deliver high quality customized services as below market prices.

2) Access to top-level education and expertise:
ICCAC provides independent expertise including Mark Pruitt and Shawn Marshall who have extensive experience with developing CCA program and electricity procurement.

3) Enhance risk management and contract benefits:
The ICAC will identify risks and develop standards to mitigate risks for CCA participants. So far suppliers have not been held accountable to meet the specific and special needs associated with CCA. The ICCAC will also encourage additional low cost clean suppliers to come to Illinois to provide greater competition and choice.

4) Learn from the experience of your municipal colleagues:
Members will have access to each other through an encoded website where we will post model documents, contracts, host a blog and post regular FAQs. We will also share key regulatory and legislative information that could impact municipal aggregation in Illinois.

5) Remain current with market innovations and opportunities:
As municipal aggregation spreads across the State and nation, it will be important to keep up with market changes, challenges, and best practices. To support this effort, the Collaborative will host an annual meeting at IIT and will offer topical webinars designed to keep your city’s aggregation program at the forefront of cost savings, energy innovation, consumer benefit, and value.

Community Choice Aggregation

IPP is managing the Illinois Community Choice Aggregation Network (ICCAN) with support from the Galvin Center, LEAN US, and the Power Bureau.

Why Did We Form the ICCAN?

The Illinois Community Choice Aggregation Network (ICCAN) was formed to support Illinois municipalities pursuing CCA with best practice standards that favor communities, consumers and local businesses and ensure that key protections are included in energy supply contracts. For a PDF brochure on ICCAN, click here.

ICCAN will help its members develop an integrated approach that reduces risk, keeps costs down, increases consultant and contractor accountability, and thus maximizes the value of CCA. Managed by a partnership of non-profit, independent organizations with local and national expertise in aggregation — and endorsed by the Galvin Electricity Initiative — ICCAN will raise the bar on aggregation implementation, RFP content and contract standards so that municipalities can put their residents and local businesses first.

Who Are We?

The ICCAN is a partnership between three leading institutions in the CCA and technology space. The institutions operate under a cooperative agreement that identifies management responsibilities, customer services provisions and revenue sharing.

The Galvin Center at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s mission is to pursue groundbreaking work in the generation, transmission, distribution, management and consumption of electricity. The Galvin Center brings together faculty, students, researchers, industry, government, innovators and entrepreneurs to collaborate to improve the reliability, security and efficiency of the electric grid and overcome obstacles to the national adoption and implementation of the smart grid. The Galvin Center views CCA as a key platform for implementing the technology and practices that will allow communities to direct their own energy destiny. CCA Program Director Mark Pruitt was the first director of the Illinois Power Agency (IPA), where he secured electricity supply on behalf of Illinois’ residential and small commercial ratepayers. During his tenure, the IPA secured more than $1.6 billion in energy cost savings for Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois customers through strategic procurement planning and processes. He has experience in aggregating state and municipal government and in energy project development for federal clients.

LEAN Energy U.S. is a national non-profit focused on the expansion of the CCA model into new ommunities and states. LEAN (Local Energy Aggregation Network) activities include the development of best aggregation practices, establishing a national clearinghouse of CCA-related legal and technical documents, publishing case studies to articulate the significant greenhouse gas reduction and local economic development benefits of CCA, and lending technical assistance to local and statewide groups. LEAN is currently working in the states of California, Illinois and Massachusetts and brings a national perspective to the Illinois market. Executive Director Shawn Marshall is a founding board member and vice chair of the Marin Energy Authority (MEA), a California joint powers agency that operates the state’s first community choice aggregation program. She serves on the Mill Valley City Council and was the city’s mayor in 2008.

The Perfect Power Institute is leading a campaign to transform our nation’s power system into one that truly meets our needs for reliable, efficient, clean electricity service. Executive Director John Kelly has been instrumental in promoting CCA with communities around Illinois.

For questions or more information on ICCAN, please contact Mark Pruitt, CCA Program Director, IIT Galvin Center, at 219-921-3828 or or Shawn Marshall, Executive Director, LEAN Energy U.S., at or 415-888-8007.